Nos (BON)nes valeurs
We offer a new perfume comprising 100% natural ingredients based on essential oils. It is the heart of our vision which defines our relationship with time, nature, man and the economy.
100BON deco ambiance


Time according to 100BON

What we are experiencing is not a crisis, but a revolution, a change in the world.

It is the advent of the quaternary era: anything without meaning will have no value

This “slow” perfume manufacturing does not use petrol-chemicals or synthetics, but only natural vegetable ingredients

We are perfume-makers in a free time

Nature according to 100BON

We believe in 100% natural perfume, which protects us and the environment

NO colours

NO phtalates

NO petrochemicals

NO animal testing

We offer 100% natural fragrances We are 100% vegetable, we do not test on animals and fight for a world without petrol-chemicals.

We have developed a safe & clean perfume which is natural, protective and safe.

Mankind according to 100BON

The current world, which is aggressive and moves at a blistering pace, brings our emotions to life, whilst for centuries, essential oils have appeased our mind.

Our fragrances take us to the etymology of perfume which originates from per fumare, meaning “by smoke” They were used in the antiquity to communicate with the gods. Today, just as meditation, essential oils are a way of reconnecting with oneself.

In a material world, scents revitalise our memory and allow us to appease our mind.


The economy according to 100BON

Our perfume is affordable as it is rechargeable, and sustainable as it minimises waste.

Perfume is our art; the rest is just an accessory.

We recommend transparency and a return to the real value of things.

We offer an affordable scent, which minimises marketing and advertising costs (often exorbitant), costly bottles and too much packaging. In the great tradition of fine French perfume making, thanks to the Robertet perfume group, we create our scents and share in the “From Seed to Scent” philosophy.